domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

English sentences (Oraciones de Ingles)

1)  Hello, my name is Lourdes
2)  In the practice many questions can arise.
3)  You abide in the new high school.
4)  I’m awake at 6:00 am
5)  My brother bleeds too much.

6)  My best friend bet with me.
7)  In this restaurant a kitchen burst yesterday.
8)  This dog bit me two weeks ago.
9)  The house was built by the carpenters..
10)  The new TV cost me $300.

11)  I cut the paper.
12)  I can do it.
13)  I have chosen you as my partner.
14)  I caught the ball in the Yankee stadium.
15)  I dream with you.

16)  My dog dug a big hole.
17)  Well done my friend.
18)  I drew a beautiful landscape.
19)  Yesterday, I drove to airport from my house.
20)  All days I eat pupusas.
21)  I have fought for your love.
22)  The eagles fly.
23)  You feel my pain.
24)  I fit my schedule.
25)  I forget the homework teacher.
26)  We go to the park.
27)  I get the first place in the race.
28)  The plant grew enough in the last month.
29)  Give me everything tonight.
30)  My mother ground the corn.
31)  I have a new play.
32)  He only hits the ball with the hands.
33)  You hurt my heart.
34)  I heard the voice of my heart.
35)  Darling, you hold me.
36)  My girlfriend knit this scar.
37)  Keep me the secret please.
38)  I kneel before you my lord.
39)  I know your secret.
40)  Let me go to the game.
41)  Messi leads to the FC Barcelona.
42)  I lost the battle.
43)  Today, I learnt many things.
44)  Lay another chair please.
45)  What you mean to me.
46)  The fire melted the butter.
47)  You make me happy.
48)  Nice to meet you.
49)  I mistook all the answers.
50)  I put arrangements on tables
51)  I paid all my liabilities.
52)  I quit to my employment four day ago.
53)  My brother read the three of The Lord of Rings.
54)  He runs very fast.
55)  She rode a horse.

56)  My cellphone ring very nice.
57)  The dark knight rise.
58)  My family set the Christmas’s tree.
59)  Shut all the doors and windows.
60)  He spread his kingdom.
61)  We sweep the classroom all days.
62)  I sweat a lot.
63)  I told you about my problem.
64)  I think about you all the time.
65)  Teach me your knowledge
66)  I throw the trash.
67)  I took the chance.
68)  You unhung the clothes.
69)  We unmade your work.
70)  My mother unfroze the meat.
71)  I understood your message.
72)  You wet my favorite dress.
73)  I write a lot of letters.
74)  I wore a blue T-shirt.